A campaign is a series of adventures where we'll see our hero grow and progress to accomplish something.

With FreeQuest comes a simple and very straightforward campaign in the world of Antaris that you can play to experience some epic quests. Alternatively you can just run 10, 5, 2 … as many dungeons as you want.

A campaign starts with the Character Creation and once that's done we decide our starting point. The default campaign (Antaris) comes with a predefined quest that is the starter one. If you play a random campaign by generating dungeons and locations as you go you can decide the starting location, a settlement, a town or a city, or just roll 1D3 to select it randomly.

We decide if we want to spend time on any of the stores or places the location has to offer us or if we want to go directly to the dungeon.

In case we want to go to the dungeon, we go then to the travel phase.