Character Creation

Before getting into the character creation let's read about the attributes and general structure of the character sheet.

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Actions [] [] [] []

You start with two actions and while you level you will gain more up to a total of 4. When the turn of all the heroes starts, you roll a die for each action you have available and place the die with its result on the hero sheet. That way you decide what action to make. While moving and exploring are cheap actions (require 1+) using that powerful skill might require a 5+ or even a 6+. This is similar to Silver Tower.

Movement: This determine the number of squares you can move. See more in detail in the Movement section.

Strength: This determines a bonus in the damage you deal with combat weapons. Having a strength of 0 doesn't mean you are a weakling, just that you don't have any bonus.

Toughness: This determines the number of wounds you can ignore once you fail your save.

Armor save: This is the save roll you have to make to save an attack. You start with a value of “-” which means you have no armor save at all. If you have no armor and get a +1 from any mean (be it a spell or an item the save will become a 6+. To calculate this imagine the “-” save as a 7+ but with the inability to roll a die. This is so you don't get the benefit of The Rule of 1 and 6 if you have nothing that improves your armor.

The Rule of 1 and 6 works differently for armors as a result of 2 will also be a fail. See The Rule of 1 and 6 for more info.

Agility: If you start your turn adjacent to an enemy, you have to make an agility test to unpin and move freely. Some skills might take advantage of a good agility. However if you just want to fight that enemy you don't need to make any test. More info in the Movement section.

Wounds: This is the number of wounds your character can stand. When it reaches 0, the hero might die if not helped. See Death section for more info.

To create a character you need to think what you want it to be. A fearless warrior that protects his friends with a shield. A frenzy barbarian that ignores the pain and destroys the enemies. A powerful wizard that casts spells from afar. The most precise archer in all the realms. A shady figure that strikes from the shadow. A mix of sword and sorcery. You decide what you want to be!!

Every new character starts with the same set of points:

  • Movement: 3
  • Strength: 0
  • Toughness: 0
  • Agility: 6+
  • Armor save: -
  • Wounds: 1d6 + 4

Yo could decide to go on a hard difficulty by auto-roll a 1 in the wounds roll, an easy by rolling a 6 or a hardcore by using the die.

To roll the wounds roll 2 dice and get the highest result.

Then you can choose the following:

After choosing every character race and skill, each player gets 500 gold to spend as they please in the capital city. Unused gold is kept or can be transferred. The group also gets 2d6*25 gold to spend in the general store. Unused gold is lost and cannot be used on any other store.

Now that we have our characters ready is time to go to the Campaign phase.