One of the main part of the game is the different set of items we can have. You carry them in the inventory. Here are the different type of items you can find.

  • Armors are sold at the different armorsmiths you can find through the game.
  • Shields the same as armors are sold at the armorsmith.
  • Misc items are a special kind of items. Different shops will have different availability of this kind of items. On character creation you will be able to buy from the misc store.
  • Adventure items are items that go in your backpack. They are sold at the General store and are very usefull!
  • Weapons are topically sold at the weaponsmith. Some places might have special weapons but once you find one from a treasure nothing will be the same.
  • Treasure items are found in treasure chests, as rewards from completing a dungeon or maybe, if you are lucky enough, after killing a monster. Once you get one you won't want to get rid of it.

The following stores sell basic items: