The main aspect of customization in the game comes from the different skills available for the players.

There are different decks of skills depending on when you can choose them:

  • Basic skills: available during character creation.
  • Advanced skills: when reaching some levels you can learn an advanced skill. Also, whenever you can learn a new advanced skill you can choose a basic skill instead.
  • Stormcast skills: available for Stormcast Eternals. Only 1 can be chosen and must be do so during character creation.
  • Chaos skills: available for Chaotic players. Only 1 can be chosen and must be do so during character creation.

Basic skills

  • Armor proficency: You can wear armors without any penalty.
  • Berseker: You can enrage yourself. If you do so, roll 2D6 and that is the number of turns you will be enraged. While you are enraged you deal 2D6 extra damage but you also take double damage. If when you end your rage there are still enemies you become so tired that you can't do anything for the next 1D3 turns.
  • Blood magic: You can suffer 1D3 wounds to recover a spell die. Toughness can't avoid the wounds.
  • Charge: Once per turn you can make a free move action before making an attack action. You need to spend a hero die for that attack action and you will get +2 damage. You need to be at least two squares away from your objective and you cannot be pinned.
  • Deathblow: If you kill an enemy in a combat action, you can make a free attack with the same weapon to an adjacent enemy. This can go on until you don't kill an enemy or there are no edjacent enemies.
  • Deepwound: Whenever you damage an enemy using a hit roll of 5+ roll 1D6. The results is the number of turns the enemy will be suffering 1 wound each turn because of the deep wound. If you attack an enemy with a deepwound don't roll a die, instead add 1 to it (to a maximum of 6).
  • Dungeoneer: You have special benefits when in dungeons.
  • Extra spells: You can either choose two Basic Spells or one Advanced Spell. Requires Spellcaster.
  • Heavily Armored: You get more benefits from armors than normal people. You get +1 to your save when using heavy armors.
  • Improved charge: Requires charge. You can charge adjacent enemies and you don't need to unpin. You also get a +2 movement when charging and whenever you kill an enemy you reset your charge (i.e. you can use it more than once per turn).
  • Improved swift: Requires swift. You can always use your agility score instead of your armor save except if you have more than two adjacent enemies.
  • Last man standing: When your wounds are reduced to 0 roll 1D6, that is the number of wounds you have. Only once per encounter.
  • Perfect strike: Everytime your Hit Roll is a 6 (modifiers included) you ignore the enemy amor.
  • Shield bash: Once per turn you can automatically deal 1D3 wounds to an adjacent enemy. If you have shield slam you can deal 1D6 instead.
  • Shield slam: After a successful save against a combat attack you can make a free attack: To Hit: 3+ Damage 1D3. If you have shield bash you can deal 1D6 instead.
  • Shield proficency: When carrying a shield you get +1 save.
  • Spellcaster: You get a magic die and can choose a basic spell.
  • Stampede: When you charge you can move 2 extra points. You can run through occupied spaces. Roll a die for every enemy you ran through or adjacent to. On 2+ they suffer a wound. An enemy can be affeceted by this only once. Requires charge.
  • Strong: You get +2 strength.
  • Swift: Your agility is improved by 1. Twice per turn you can make a save using your agility score instead except if you have more than two adjacent enemies. If you roll 6 when you unpin, the movement action you were going to make becomes a free movement action.
  • Titan grip: You can use any Melee 2 handed weapon as if it were a 1 handed weapon.
  • Tough: You get +1 toughness and +2 wounds.
  • Two Handed: You get +1 to hit when you use two handed weapons. Also you get a +2 damage with those weapons.
  • Weapon focus: Choose a weapon type (Sword, Axe, Bow …). You can add +1 to all the to Hit rolls and Action rolls if you use that type of weapon. Also a natural to hit roll of 6 gives you an extra action with the same weapon.