====== FreeQuest ====== Welcome to the FreeQuest Wiki. Here you will be able to see all the rules and information about the game. This will be in constant update so be sure to check the bottom right part of each page to see the last time it was modified. If you have any question, suggestion or just want to contact, feel free to do it to my email: wallack (at) gmail.com ====== Index ====== If you want to skip all the introduction (which I highly **recommended** to read) head directly to the **[[index|INDEX]]**. ===== What is FreeQuest? ===== Freequest, from now on, FQ, is a set of rules that try to mix simplicity, depth and customization in a dungeon crawler. It drinks from Warhammer Quest classic & Silver Tower, Descent, Heroquest and a lot of dungeon crawlers. To define it in a one line, "Freequest is a cooperative dungeon crawler with simple and depth rules and a focus on character customization and campaign adventures". Well, that might be more than a line, but you get it. ===== What are some of the main keys of the game? ===== * Is a cooperative dungeon crawler. * From 1* to 4 players. A specific set of rules for playing with only 1 hero will be available. * [[dungeon|Dungeon]] is generated randomly. * There are no [[Classes|classes]] you build your character with [[skills|skills]]. * Up to 10 [[Levels|Levels]] * [[campaign|Campaign]] mode * No custom die needed, use only D6. * Not against the clock but not relaxed game either. * Totally free and extensible. You can create new stuff using the templates. * And much more... * Rules are done for 2-4 players (no Dungeon Master required) but a special set of rules to play with only 1 hero (player) will be included. ===== What do I need to play FQ? ===== If you really want to play FQ you really only need the rules and documents, pen and paper and some dice. A pencil is ok too. However, the true fun comes when you have as many things as possible from the following list: ==== Dungeon tiles ==== They could be from any game, from Descent to Warhammer Quest or Silver Tower ... you only need three different types of tiles, corridors, small/medium rooms and big rooms. Big rooms will be used as objective rooms and the corridors and other rooms are there to give a different layout to the [[dungeon|dungeon]]. You could have corridors or rooms with more than 1 exit. Some with a pit, some with stairs. You put the limit. In the annex [[3D Dungeon TIles|3D Dungeon TIles]] you have a tutorial to create your own dungeon tiles, in 3D !! (or 2.5D) to help with the immersion. The tiles you see there are the ones we use. ==== Miniatures ==== You don't really need them but we recommend them 100% to have more immersion. Better if you have them painted! You can always use standees or whatever token you have, this is up to you. We have as much fun playing as painting the miniatures. ==== Dice ==== You really need dice. Nothing says "I will kill that monster with my bare hands" more than a couple of critical hits. But beware of the failures, you don't want to be the fool of the party. Is better if you have different coloured or sized dice so you can categorize them. We have bought a pack of cheap dice in two different sizes and painted them in different colours. That is always fun and nice. ==== Pen, pencil, wet marker and paper! ==== You need to keep track of a lot of things. Here we recommend to print the character sheets and put them in a sleeve or laminate them so you can use then a wet marker to write what you need. If you need to keep track of everything that happens you can also use a notebook, we do that a lot of times, is easier not having to follow a specific format if I just want to write how much gold does that dwarf that stole my treasure in the last dungeon has. I really hate that dwarf. ==== CARDS, CARDS AND MORE CARDS!! ==== FreeQuest comes with tons of cards. We try to have them as nice as possible but we have a lot of cards. And in the future we will have more and more with expansions and add-ons. We provide PDF with all the cards to be sent directly to DriveThruCards but we also provide links so you can buy them there. We get 0, absolutely 0 money (any currency) from this sales, but we get a feeling of joy if anyone is using FreeQuest and suggesting or giving feedback. There are cards for everything, [[skills|skills]], [[items|items]], treasure, monsters, behaviours, encounters, [[dungeon|dungeons]], [[spells|spells]] ... maybe even more than needed. ==== And that's it ==== Yes, you don't need anything else, just time, because if you like it you will want to play a campaign and see your character grow and improve. ===== How do I start playing? ===== I'm glad you asked! You have a couple of options. You can play a single [[dungeon|dungeon]] or adventure. You can play a [[campaign|campaign]]. You can create your own adventures ... you put the limit, however we recommend to play the campaign. The game is designed to be played with 2 to 4 heroes. If you want to play solo is best to play two heroes as one single hero will have a really hard time. But if you really want to play with a single hero there will be some specific rules to do so, however, the game won't be designed around this and is just a workaround. The encounters will be the same regardless of the number of players, but the enemy profiles will change to balance the number of heroes, facing stronger versions when you play with 4 heroes than when you do so with 2. Now, the first step is to create your character, your hero, your adventurer, your mighty warrior that will perish fighting a kobold. To do so, go to the [[Character Creation|Character Creation]] page.